Laughter is great medicine for the soul.


Have you ever went to work with a positive and happy attitude to only encounter a coworker who gives you the blues?  Well say no more.  My first novel is all about using humor when you’re at work dealing with stressful situations.  They say that “laughter is really great medicine for the soul.”

I’m a Memphis, TN native and I’ve spent over 25 years working in a professional environment with a diverse bunch of people.  In my spare time outside of writing and networking, I love motorcycles. Yes, I ride a yamaha vstar named Zeus.

I believe laughter is the best type of medicine that can be used in a lot of stressful situations.  We spend a lot of time at work and will come across all types of people.  You never know what someone is going through and sometimes a smile can turn a situation all they way around.  Experience has taught me that anger will get you nowhere.

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Look Up


I use to ride an orange and black GSX-R600 named Tenacious K. It was my first bike and boy did I have some adventures on it. Let’s see, I’ve had my hand stuck in the fairing, I’ve fallen several times and when I finally got the hang of riding…unforgettable.  NO disrespect to the sports bike riders because I was one. But let me tell you what I don’t miss, the leaning forward part and it could have been that I should have gotten a bigger one. But regardless, Tenacious K was my boo and I took very care of that motorcycle.

A couple of years later I ended up getting a Yamaha Vstar and it was a different ride.  It was all because I was sitting up. Oh my goodness, I could see a lot more. I can’t speak for anyone but me when I say it felt a lot better when I would travel out-of-town. My back didn’t hurt too much and I didn’t have to lay on my tank and look like I was flying with my legs all kicked out. I’m sure I was a sight to see laying on the tank with my legs kicked.

The neatest thing about me riding Dr. Feelgood is that I have been looking up. While headed to the All Female Ride in Huntsville last month, I looked up and saw these beautiful clouds. They were just dancing across the sky. It had just finished raining and I was able to see a rainbow and then the sky turned this beautiful blue with white enormous clouds dancing by. It was simply beautiful and serene. I had to blink a few times because at one time a few clouds had formed a smile. I was riding and laughing and thinking of my grandmothers, Ethel, Clara and Mattie. I was wondering if that was their way of looking down at me to let me know that they approved of me striving to live and to be happy living.

As I kept riding, I rode by trees and bushes with flowers sprouting. I could have sworn I smelled honey suckle. I remembered saying “naw it can’t be”. But I truly believe it was honeysuckle that I was smelling. I started paying attention to the trees and all of the different colors of the leaves on the trees. Some were dark green with yellow hues. and orange hues. I could have sworn it looked as if the trees were waving to me and swaying from side to side. And I’ve rode down highway 78 a lot to go visit friends who lived in Tupelo, Mississippi and even Alabama. Those trees, bushes and flowers have aways been there. But, lately I’ve been looking up.

I’m enjoying looking up as I now ride. I also miss my GSXR at times. Maybe in the future I’ll get another sports bike when the time is right. But for now, I’ll be happy with what I have and I’ll keep riding on. And even if you don’t have a motorcycle, still take the opportunity to look up and see what’s around you. Hop in your car and go to a park or go down to the riverfront which is one of my favorite places to go. Take a look at the sun  as it sets. Take a look at the sky after it rains, you’ll see colors of purple and red blending in. There’s so many things to make you smile. There are clouds and trees that are waiting to wave or smile at you. Sometimes, we get so busy looking down we forget to see what’s up and around us. So, look up might see something that will make you smile.

Courage and The All Female Ride 2017, Jacksonville, Fl.

So this year I made it back to Jacksonville, Florida for the All Female Ride 2017. I rode all the way with my sista friends Xception and Storm. This was a first time for me to be riding that far. I’ve did a few rides maybe 3 or 4 hours but nothing like this. We left Memphis and met up with our sista friend in Tupelo. We were trying our best to beat the thunderstorm and we did a pretty great job of it.  Every time we stopped for gas we would laugh and talk about our journey. It seemed like a hour had went by on one stop because of the excitement. Maybe it was me  because I couldn’t believe I was actually going all the way with that ride.

Sure it may not seem like a big deal to others with more traveling experience than me but hey I finally got the courage to do it. Shout out to the ladies who do the 48 states and all of that. Let me tell you that a few times I wanted to put my bike on that trailer and call it a day and take a nap. But I was like if my sista friends can do it, then let me get the courage to do it to. So we rode from Tupelo, Ms to Birmingham, Al thru Georgia and made it to Jacksonville, Florida. How about I did a 4 state!!  Hey, at least I did it!!

So I’m in the city fellowshipping and watching all the ladies from all over the United States. Some ladies are in motorcycle clubs and others are not. They chilling in front of the hotel with their motorcycles sitting out front. There is music coming out of some of the motorcycles and ladies are standing around sipping on a little some something. But guess what? Everyone I walked by spoke and they was all smiling. It’s like a big happy family and everyone is happy to take part into this ride. It’s like one big ole family reunion and when I look at the crowd it was like a sea of motorcycles. Seriously. All types of motorcycles, so many I couldn’t count. And they were all ridden by women who had the courage to travel further than me. See, there’s that courage word again.

Well anyways, there is this mission statement for the All Female Ride and it pertains to the word courage. It talks about how riding builds your courage and that no one can take that away from you when you ride your motorcycle.  Courage is a little word but it has a huge impact. I know it took courage for a lot of people to travel farther than me to make this ride. Some rode through storms and construction zones but they did it. I’m pretty sure that somebody thought they couldn’t make that ride because of personal things going on but they made it anyways.  There’s that courage word again.

I can remember someone told me that I wouldn’t ride a motorcycle. One of my relatives told me that it wasn’t lady like. While another person told me that if I wanted to start riding motorcycles I should have done that in my twenties. But I was determined and every time I fell which is about 9 or 10 times (that’s another story that I’ll write about one day) , but I got the courage to get back on that motorcycle. I remember my father saying “Bae you just scarring yourself up.” Again there’s that courage word again mixed with tenacity. I just would not stop until I got it.

While I sat in the hotel lobby I watched all these women walking in with their helmets and greeting everyone that they walked by smiling. I wondered what gave them the courage to want to make this ride. And also I wondered what even gave them the courage to want to ride? So you know me..I asked a few of the sista friends, well we all family right? Well, anyways I was told everything from ” I was tired of being a back pack, he didn’t believe me, I was told I wouldn’t be able to learn.” But my favorite one was “I got tired of being scared.” See, there’s that courage word again.  I even wondered about the 2 ladies that I rode with, what gave them the courage to make long rides too. Oh, they were not spring chickens, they had some mileage under their belts.

Later I sat in a class and listened to Jenn, SeCCret, Foxy, Dirty Bird, Thunderkat and Sunshine and Porsche talk about why they loved what they were doing and why they were going to keep doing it. They also discussed topics like marriage, long distance traveling and even gave testimonies.  There’s that courage word again. Courage will have you doing alot of things that you probaly didn’t know you could do. Oh well, I can’t wait until tomorrow comes and I’m sure courage will have me doing something else. So far, so good. Courage and I are going to be pretty good friends, especially if it involves 2 wheels.


Elevator Chronicles

I’ll be the first person to admit that I take the elevators every morning going to work.  I even take the elevators going home everyday when I leave. Yes, I know I should walk and get a little exercise but I just don’t feel like it. Call me lazy, it’s quite ok. That’s not the reason I’m sitting up telling you what is going on with me.

I meet so many interesting people on the elevator.  Are you one of those people who get on the elevator and look straight ahead?  They never say hi or anything, they just look straight ahead.  So you know me, I’m trying to see what they are looking at and usually it’s nothing.  Maybe they are nervous and just don’t like elevators or they could be claustrophobic.  So when they get off the elevator just say “It will be ok tomorrow.”

Are you one of those people who talk on the cell phone really loud so that I can hear your conversation? I recently heard a lady talking about how she was going to turn her 2 weeks notice as soon as she got to her desk. I wanted to say congratulations to her but she probably would have looked at me funny.  I did give her the thumbs up though when she got off the elevator. I guess she must have come back or something because it’s been a month and she still on the elevator getting off on that floor.

Are you one of those people who get on the elevator and forget to push what floor you’re going to?  And when your floor is passed you let us all know that you forgot to push your floor and roll your eyes at me. Hey, how in the heck was I to know you was to busy texting someone and you forgot? Are you one of those people that stare at other people?  They just kind of stare at you and look at you up and down. Then pretty soon, I’m looking at myself up and down trying to see what they are looking at.

Ladies, do you smile and perk up when you see a handsome man on the elevator? I know I do, especially if he’s looking like Idris Elba and smelling good. Do you look at the ring finger to see if he’s married? Yep, I do. Do you look at his feet? I do. I checks him out. Yes, I do. And just as you about to make small talk and tell him how nice his cologne is,  3 more people get on the elevator and he’s no longer in my sight. Then he gets off the elevator and I make sure I know the floor and then the door disappears.

Hey, have you ever got on the elevator and another person gets on and they burst out to crying. So, you talk to the person and tell them to keep their head up and whatever it is that they are going through will get better. Then they hug you and tell you thank you. So, you go back to your desk not realizing that you were a blessing to someone until later on when it hits you.

Or have you always wanted to know what was on the top floor at your building. So one day you are on break and you go to the top floor to see what’s up there. You realize it’s normal people up there just like you at their desks working. So you get back on the elevator and stop off at the next floor and see your supervisor or director and they are looking at you like you are way past your break time. So you smile and not even try to explain why you coming from the 10th floor when your floor is 3.

How many of you burst into song when that favorite song pops in your head on the elevator and you start singing and then when the door opens you shut up. I do it alot and Lord don’t let me have my earphones in and I’m listening to pandora. If I hear something I like, I’m going to sing really loud because the words in that song just stirring up my soul.

Or when you see that lady you use to work for in 1995 who was your then supervisor and always gave you a hard time. So now she is on the elevator and she keeps trying to see where she knows you from and so you turn a little because you don’t want her to turn you into stone with her Medusa self.  When she gets off at her floor she turns and gives you that look that she knows you. So you make a mental note to not take the elevator so you don’t have to bump into her anymore.

Have you ever been on the elevator and see someone everyday and you’ve never asked them their name? Yall talk about everything from the weather to what type of coffee you drink in the morning. Whom ever gets off first always says “Have a good day.” But you realize that you never asked him or her what their name was. Next time, introduce yourself to your elevator buddy.  Lately I just started having conversations with people on the elevator and it’s been hilarious. There is this one guy who is losing his hair in the middle of his head and he’s got the deepest Barry White voice and it’s smooth like some wine. Next time I see him I’m going to ask him to sing a Barry White song. I hope he knows who Barry White is. If he don’t we are going to have a problem.

I guess I use all of my experiences to find a character to write about and I’m sure my elevator companions have quite a story to tell.  So i’m always wondering whats their story. In the meantime I’ll keep riding the elevators until I start taking the stairs. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I just might take the stairs and I will probably meet some interesting people while I’m gasping for air as I try to make it up 2 flights.





A Wonderful Review of Monday Mornings: A Cup of Laughter

I received an email today from a young lady who read Monday Mornings. I always say if 5 people pick up this book and 1 gets the message out of it, then my job is done with making someone smile.  Thank you Jamelah Henry for the email.


Being in the workforce for the past 16 years I can definitely say “Monday Mornings” painted the picture of many episodes I experienced in the workplace with co-workers. The book is so relatable and as I’m reading it I couldn’t do nothing but laugh out loud because my mind immediately went back into time where I had to deal with an annoying co-worker or two. Chapter 9 (The Twins) is my favorite chapter because these type of co-workers from prior jobs immediately came to mind. I think just about everyone has come across the moocher. You know the one who always come to your desk looking for snacks when you both get paid the same day. They have no shame in their game. Then the shyster. Always having a story that no one really cares about. You know Monday mornings (literally) when you come in. The shyster always have to give a over-the-top story about their weekend and while they’re talking you picture yourself shaking them into reality. After awhile, you just let them continue week after week because you’re not really listening anyway. Overall, the book was great and anyone whether in or outside of the office will definitely get a kick out of each chapter. Thank you Kala for putting your frustrations into a book. Someone had to do it!


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The Empowerment Workshop

THEME: Equip.Empower.Encourage.

Kala Stevenson ended the workshop with her witty and funny anecdotes about working on a job. She used emoji facial expressions to describe how you might feel when you go to work daily. The smiling face – “I am happy to be at work today.” The frown – “God this person is always complaining and is soooo negative” and the frustrated & stressed out face – Is it Monday morning already?

Her book “Monday Mornings- A Cup of Laughter” will give you strategies to overcome everything you might be facing.. Trust me I wish I had read it years ago.. It is funny and therapeutic!

You will not be disappointed after purchasing a copy.

Her word was EMPOWER.Monday Mornings: A Cup of Laughter