I ride a motorcycle and I love it. It’s definitely therapy for me. During the spring and summer I love to get on it and travel. I get a chance to visit other people who live in other cities.  Don’t get me wrong I am a Memphis, TN native but sometimes you have to get out and see other places. When I’m feeling down or overwhelm, I can always depend on my motorcycle to take me to somewhere far away. It’s like a magic carpet and it just whisks you away. You have that wind in your face and maybe you got some music to listen to. It’s just you and open road with clear skies and the sun beaming down. There’s nothing like it. I know some of you won’t understand the feeling but if you’re a motorcycle rider then you will understand.  Of course my parents think it’s dangerous and everytime they hear or see a motorcycle accident they hunt me down. And when they find me they are at peace to know I wasn’t a victim of a motorcycle accident. I always pray before I get on my motorcycle and I always say a prayer when I come back. I truly think my Grandmothers and Aunt who have passed away are always looking out for me. I have fallen off my motorcycle 9 times to be exact. A few happened when I was a beginner rider, minor mistakes not listening and not paying attention as I would go down my hilly driveway. But I always would get back up, dust myself off and get back on my motorcycle because I was just that determined. I’ve sold my sportsbike Tenacious K and now I own a cruiser whom I call Zeus. It’s a totally different ride because now I can see everything and sit up straight. It’s a beautiful feeling. I ride because I feel free.  I ride because I feel like it’s just me and the open road.  I ride because I love the feeling of the wind and because people told me that I couldn’t ride or wouldn’t master the art of riding. Sure, I still have some things I need to learn but I’m truly loving my life. I ride because it makes me happy and as I stated before it’s therapy to me. I will tell anyone to find something that brings them peace and makes you happy. I don’t care if it’s cutting your lawn or drawing stick figures and framing them. You only live once so why not do something that brings you peace and comfort.