The 3 L’s.

Lately I’ve been saying “Live, Love and Laugh” alot. You can switch it around to say “Love, live and Laugh” or you can say “Laugh, live and love.” It really doesn’t matter how you switch up the 3 L’s as long as you’re doing it. The way I see it is that you have one life to live and it’s so important that I live my life to the best and to the fullest. I realize I never want to look back and be sad about things I’ve always wanted to do.  Love yourself and your life because if you love something it shows.  I say laugh because it’s the best cup of medicine in the world. Yes, I’m aware you can’t laugh at everything but humor can fix so many things.

Would you believe my mother gave me that bracelet many months ago. She buys things and wears them once and she goes on about her business.  One day I was over visiting and she said “Go get that box and see if you like what’s inside. The bracelet makes too much noise, you like all those bangle bracelets” I obliged and put it on. She was right it was a noisy bracelet and I loved it.  I really never paid attention to the bracelet until a month ago. I realized the 3 L’s was on there. You’re probaly saying that I didn’t pay attention to what my mother gave me, I do. I guess I just loved the fact that my mother gave it to me and that it was busy with all the jingling and jangling on my wrist.

I happened to look at one day and was I was so happy.  Do you see how positive things come back to you? Whatever you give out makes it way to you. Just like this bracelet, I’ve been saying it because I believe it. And now, thaanks to my mother, I can now carry it around with me daily on my wrist.